Actor Actor (Singer-songwriter)

Actor Actor

Actor Actor is an award winning Irish folk-pop songwriter fresh from releasing his critically acclaimed debut EP Twisted Wrecks.

Raised on equal measures of Paul Simon, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen, Actor Actor’s music form a soundtrack to a life dog eared with love, loss, and longing. What’s put on offer is an authenticity and tenderness reminiscent of someone from another, far simpler time and an unguarded honesty and openness rarely seen any more.
‘I want to hear more of his voice and to continue the story. Four songs simply wasn’t enough for me, in a selfish way I wanted more because it was good. ’ – April H No More Division (2016)
‘An incredibly talented songwriter who manages to successfully blend the subtle intricacies of love and heartbreak, interwoven by means of poignant lyrics and delicious melody’ – Darren Johnston 96FM Ireland (2017)Actor Actor will be touring The Netherlands in May and June 2017 playing music from his current and upcoming EPs.

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